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27 June 2016

Lee Edelman, The Theft of Jouissance
10.30-13.00, room SMT.08
University of Verona, Santa Marta
Via Cantarane 24

The tension between psychoanalysis and philosophy centers on philosophy's will to establish the realm of thought as distinct from, and as capable of dominating, the register of the drive. This tradition remains committed to what Badiou describes as the "religious" temptation of philosophy "toward the recollection of meaning." Lacanian psychoanalysis, by contrast, maintains the primacy of divis|... ->

10 June 2016

Desiring the Family. Claims, Frames and Defences
Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès
Amphithéatre F417 – Maison de la Recherche II

International conference organized by:
Mélanie Gourarier (Post-doc fellow, LISST-Cas)
Massimo Prearo (PoliTeSse / Politics and Theories of Sexuality – University of Verona)
Sébastien Roux (Researcher at Cnrs, LISST-Cas)
Michela Villani (Post-doc fellow, LISST-Cas)
With the support of |... ->

26 May 2016

Theories and Politics of Sexuality and the Body
10.00-17.00, meeting room (second floor)
University of Verona, Palazzo Zorzi
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17, Verona

Carlotta Cossutta, Barbara Verzini, Valeria Mercandino, Arianna Mainardi

After the first meeting of the PhD seminar "Theories and Politics of Sexuality and the Body", which took place in January 2016 and inaugurated the cooperation between Politesse and CAPPE (Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics) of the University of Brighton, we meet agai|... ->

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