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26 April 2017

QuIR (Queer Italia Rete): Queer(ing) Anglo/Italian Theories and Practices
Room SMT.08
University of Verona, Polo Santa Marta
via Cantarane 24

This is the first of five workshops sponsored by the Queer Italia Network, led by Dr Charlotte Ross (University of Birmingham), Julia Heim (CUNY) and SA Smythe (UCSC). The Queer Italia Network is the recipient of a 2016-2018 AHRC grant, and seeks to: build an international network of scholars, activists, and cultural practitioners, who will engage meaningfully with queer se|... ->

14 December 2016

Thinking about gender in times of neoliberalism and neofundamentalism
11.50-13.30, room SMT.02
University of Verona, Polo Santa Marta
via Cantarane 24

Elisa A.G. Arfini, Renato Busarello, Carlotta Cossutta, Federico Zappino
In times of neoliberalism and neofundamentalist crusades against “gender”, what does it mean to assert that “gender” is still an instrument of fighting and to think in terms of critique? As we know, neoliberalism aims at tackling gender based exclusions, by including gender and sexual |... ->

6 December 2016

Held to ransom or liberated: female sexuality between Fertility Day and Gynepunk
14.30-17.30, Seminar Room
University of Verona, Palazzo Zorzi (second floor) 
Lungadige Porta Vittoria, 17

Valeria Venditti, Carlotta Cossutta 
The laboratories Gynepunk are spaces of "open source" gynecology implemented by groups of women that make gynecology a "political battlefield", to rethink the choice of motherhood (or not) and to support the "self-determination 2.0".
Starting from these bottom-up experiences, the seminar will discuss the call #FertilityDay, conside|... ->

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