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6 December 2017

Gender, sexuality, chronicity: The experience of chronic illness in biographical narratives
Aula Riunioni - Palazzo Zorzi (second floor)
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17 Verona

This seminar critically engages with disability studies, queer theory, and the sociology of health and illness by presenting two case studies on the experience of chronic illness in its relationship with embodied sexual and gendered subjectivities. The experience of chronicity holds a liminal space within the study of health, illness narratives and biographical trajectories, as well of gender and |... ->

1 December 2017

Queer theories: An Introduction
Libreria Libre!
Via Scrimiari 51/B

What are queer theories? How do they conceive of sexuality? How many sexes do they theorize? What is their relation with so-called "gender ideology"?
Lorenzo Bernini's book "Le teorie queer. Un'introduzione" (Mimesis, Milano-Udine 2017) introduces an unsettling field of critical theory, as it is discussed, not without heated debates and conflicts, within social movements, univers|... ->

6 October 2017

Intersex/dsd: from pathologization to human rights?
Room 2.1 - Palazzo di Lettere (second floor)
Via San Francesco 22

Speakers: Michela Balocchi, Markus Bauer, Massimo Di Grazia, Stefano Osella, Daniela Truffer
Chairs: Lorenzo Bernini, Michela Balocchi
Intersex variations continue to be considered a psycho-social emergency, notwithstanding that genetic and biological sciences have widely shown that human beings present a spectrum of sex characteristics (chromosomal, gonadic/h|... ->

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