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Óltera / PoliTeSse book series - Edizioni ETS publisher

For too long modern political thinking has been concealing sexual difference beneath the universal and abstract principle of equality among individuals. The àltera / PoliTeSse book series interrogates the relation between power and sexuality from the perspecti|... ->


The ERASMUS Strategic Partnership Geo-philosophy of the Balkans|... ->


NTERSEXIONS is a multipurpose sociological research project with the aim to investigate, in a comparative and diachronic way,
the medical, juridical, and social practices adopted in the management of intersex issues.
|... ->


Which sort of politics the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activism (LGBT) promotes within the context of a country still highly homophobic? Which sort of discourses, collective actions, strategies and dilemma are underlying the emergence and the organisation of LGBT movements within the Ital|... ->


QUEERINT ("The Figure of the Queer Intellectual: Theoretical Trajectories and Public Engagements"is one of the fourteen projects that are part of the INVITE programme, co-financed by the European Union within the framework of the Horiz|... ->


SPACES: Sex, disPlacements And Cross cultural EncouterS: While for a long time historians of ideas have highlighted the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Northern European liberal genesis of the idea of “tolerance”, recent historical research has indeed revealed its medieval and early |... ->


The project “Phantom Possession. The Authoritarian Personality and its Domains” proposes a novel theory of the authoritarian personality. It uses resources from intersectional feminist theory to update and integrate the accounts of authoritarian character formation by Hannah Arendt and T|... ->

The impact of menstruation on female athletes

Much of the scientific research concerning sports, and in particular concerning the factors that affect sports performance, is based on a universal male subject, on a neutral body. It does not take into account differences related to gender and sex, neither it adopts women perspective.
On the |... ->

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