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9 May 2017

Independent Living, Self-determination, Affectivity. Politics and Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Verona.

This conference aims at the bringing together local stakeholders, administrators and institutional actors in the field of disability to discuss best practices and policy perspectives in local politics for independent living. 
On the 10th anniversary of the signing of the United Nation Conventions on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the UN Committee on the Rights of PwD has issued a Report ugently recommending Italy a more systemic adoption of gender mainstreaming in disability politics, as well as a increment in cultural initiatives contrasting stereotypes and prejudice against PwD.
Invited speakers will convene scholars as well as persons directly concerned, activists in the field of disability politics, and practitioners bearing examples of innovative practices in independent living, with a particular attention to the gendered, affective and sexual dimension of life. 
The theories and practices presented, including those introduced by persons directly concerned, will offer an opportunity for capacity building and awareness raising, while the discussion will allow to critically evaluate existing policies and practices sustained by local political and institutional actor.

Aula magna - Liceo G. Fracastoro
via Gianbattista Moschini 11, Verona

Poster of the conference


Link to desiderAbili

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