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21 January 2016

I Fuck, Too

I fuck, too is a workshop organized and coordinated by Silvia Migliaccio and Paola Coppi in collaboration with the research centre PoliTeSse - Politics and Theories of Sexuality, of the University of Verona. The project sets out to address the complex relationship between sexuality and disability, highlighting not only its subjective and emotional aspects but also its social and political dimensions. 
Indeed, the very fact of talking about the sexuality of women and men with disabilities constitutes today an ethico-political gesture, which begins to scratch - it takes time to fully demolish - a wall of silence, questioning stabilized models of "normality" that affect all of us. 
Moreover, is those who speak out are women and men with disabilities themselves, their partners, or their family, the discourse acquires an explosive character, overthrowing victimizing, minoritizing, and assistential paradigms. Such a discourse shows how the body of women and men with disabilities constitutes a political space, traversed by flows of power and thus emerging as the stage of acts of resistance and insubordination. 
I fuck, too establishes a space for reflection and critical dialogue where especially those who experience the complex relationship between sexuality and disability can take the floor.

La Sobilla
Salita Santo Sepolcro 6/b, Verona



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