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10 June 2016

Desiring the Family. Claims, Frames and Defences

International conference organized by:
Mélanie Gourarier (Post-doc fellow, LISST-Cas)
Massimo Prearo (PoliTeSse / Politics and Theories of Sexuality – University of Verona)
Sébastien Roux (Researcher at Cnrs, LISST-Cas)
Michela Villani (Post-doc fellow, LISST-Cas)
With the support of ANR  (Agence National Recherche, France, Ethopol project), LISST  and PoliTeSse

Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès
Amphithéatre F417 – Maison de la Recherche II

Program of the conference

Désirer la famille_[64916bytes].pdf

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