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28 June 2018

Studying Gender and Sexuality in Italian University: Genealogies, Challenges, Perspectives
28 and 29 June 2018
University of Verona, rooms SMT6 and SMT3
Via Cantarane 24, Verona

Studies on gender and sexuality have always been carried out not only inside, but also outside the university. Moreover, today's increasing job insecurity in intellectual carreers makes it difficult to clearly distinguish those who do research within istitutions from those who do independent research. Nevertheless it is undeniable that, even in|... ->

21 June 2018

‘Illegitimate Sexualities’ in Times of Homonormativity and Homonationalism
Sapienza University of Rome
Philosophy Department,
via Carlo Fea 2, Rome
Chair: Valeria Venditti
Francesca Romana Ammaturo
Eyja M. Brynjarsdóttir
Umberto Grassi
Massimo Prearo

Panel at the annual conference of the Association for Social and Political Philosophy
Following the Orlando shooting in June 2016, Donald Trump, who was presidential candidate back then, promised US Americans to protect them against terrorism through the guarantee of weapon ownership and the ban from the US territory of all migra|... ->

14 June 2018

Masculine Shapes and Identities: History, Society and Law
14 and 15 June 2018
University of Perugia, room Dessau
Piazza dell'Università 1, Perugia

In collaboration with:
Dipartimenti di Scienze Politiche e di Giurisprudenza - Università di Perugia
Dipartimento di Storia, Culture e Civiltà - Università di Bologna
Scientific board:
Lorenzo Benadusi, Lorenzo Bernini, Vincenzo Lagioia, Ferdinando Treggiari
S|... ->

10 April 2018

Goliarda Sapienza: Writing as an Art of Freedom
Aula riunioni - Palazzo Zorzi (second floor)
Lungadige porta Vittoria 17 Verona

Alberica Bazzoni (University of Warwick)
Carlotta Cossutta (Università del Piemonte orientale)
From a position of marginality and eccentricity, Sapienza gives voice to a radical aspiration to achieve freedom and social transformation, in which writing and literary communication are conferred a fundamental role. Readi|... ->

16 March 2018

Thinking research between activism and academy / thinking academy between research and activism
Room T.15
Chiostro Santa Maria delle Grazie
Lungadige Porta Vittoria, 41 - Verona 

Egon Botteghi (PoliTeSse)
Massimo Prearo (PoliTeSse, Università di Verona)
Internal workshop reserved to the PoliTeSse research Team with the participation of some activists from Non Una di Meno - Verona.
The problematization of the convergencies and divergencies between research, institutions, and activism has |... ->

2 March 2018

Anarcha-feminism and the ontology of the transindividual
Aula Riunioni - Palazzo Zorzi (second floor)
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17 Verona


Chiara Bottici (New School for Social Research)

In the last few years, it has become a commonplace to state that domination takes place through a multiplicity of axes, where gender, class, race, and sexuality intersect with one another. While a lot of insightful empirical work is being done|... ->

6 December 2017

Gender, sexuality, chronicity: The experience of chronic illness in biographical narratives
Aula Riunioni - Palazzo Zorzi (second floor)
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17 Verona

Narrare il genere nel contesto della salute: la costruzione delle maschilità nelle esperienze di diabete, Valeria Quaglia, University of Milano / University of Torino

Fuori tempo, fuori spazio. Narrazioni di giovani LGBTQ* con malattie croniche in Portogallo, Mara Pieri, Un|... ->

1 December 2017

Queer theories: An Introduction
Libreria Libre!
Via Scrimiari 51/B

What are queer theories? How do they conceive of sexuality? How many sexes do they theorize? What is their relation with so-called "gender ideology"?
Lorenzo Bernini's book "Le teorie queer. Un'introduzione" (Mimesis, Milano-Udine 2017) introduces an unsettling field of critical theory, as it is discussed, not without heated debates an|... ->

6 October 2017

Intersex/dsd: from pathologization to human rights?
Room 2.1 - Palazzo di Lettere (second floor)
Via San Francesco 22

Speakers: Michela Balocchi, Markus Bauer, Massimo Di Grazia, Stefano Osella, Daniela Truffer
Chairs: Lorenzo Bernini, Michela Balocchi
Intersex variations continue to be considered a psycho-social emergency, notwithstanding that genetic and biological sciences have widely shown that human beings present a spect|... ->

5 May 2017

Transparent - the experience of transition in the viewpoint of sons
Aula Riunioni - Palazzo Zorzi (second fllor)
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17

“When my dad told me the first time, he gave me a leaflet on transgender people. I never read it, because I didn’t want information on her, I wanted to know what this meant to me” (Monica Canfield-Lenfest, Guide for transgender young children).
Many trans people have kids. However, their experience is o|... ->

26 April 2017

QuIR (Queer Italia Rete): Queer(ing) Anglo/Italian Theories and Practices
Room SMT.08
University of Verona, Polo Santa Marta
via Cantarane 24

This is the first of five workshops sponsored by the Queer Italia Network, led by Dr Charlotte Ross (University of Birmingham), Julia Heim (CUNY) and SA Smythe (UCSC). The Queer Italia Network is the recipient of a 2016-2018 AHRC grant, and seeks to: build an international network of scholars, activists, and cultural practit|... ->

21 March 2017

"Heteromasculinities". Sexual experiences and constructions of masculinity among young Moroccan men in Europe
Riunioni Room - Palazzo Zorzi (second floor)
Via Lungadige Porta Vittoria, 17

with Vulca Fidolini, sociologist, University of Strasbourg

This presentation will analyse hegemonic models of masculinity among a group of young Moroccan migrants in Europe. More particularly, the attention will be focused on “heteromasculinities” in order to show how young men’s sexual accounts contribute to draw the|... ->

22 February 2017

Critical views on masculinities
15.00 - 18.00
room 1.4 - Palazzo di lettere
Via San Francesco 22
37129 Verona 

Valeria Ribeiro Corossacz, anthropologist, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia
Ethnography of a dominant subject.

Massimo Modesti, intercultural pedagogist and indipendent researcher in anthropology
Desirabil|... ->

21 December 2016

Visual Politics: Toward an Anti-Racist Esthetics
11.50-13.30, room SMT.02
University of Verona, Polo Santa Marta
via Cantarane 24

Mackda Ghebremariam Tesfau’
The black body, especially the black female body, has been historically subject to a paradoxical process of hypervisibilization and concealment, exoticization and annihilation, which has produced both symbolic and physical alienation.
Thus, the creation of an alternative canon and the claim f|... ->

19 December 2016

The Concept of "Homonationalism"
room T.2 - Palazzo di lettere
Via San Francesco 22
37129 Verona 

Massimo Prearo
“I note that some homosexual subjects are complicit with heterosexual nationalist formations rather than inherently or automatically excluded from or opposed to them.
In my monograph Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times I develop the conceptual frame of “homonationalism” for|... ->

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