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7 June 2021

A critical anthropology of family differences: looking from the margins

Taking inspiration from two recent ethnographic works, by Corinna Sabrina Guerzoni (University of Bologna) and Alice Sophie Sarcinelli (Université de Liege), the research centre PoliTeSse - Politiche e Teorie della Sessualità organises the seminar "A critical anthropology of family differences: looking from the margins".

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17 May 2021

Making Possible Bonds. The Role of Higher Education.
14.30 - 17.30
Free Zoom Webinar 

The event is based on the presentation of research data regarding the training needs of socio-educational and health professionals for the inclusion of LGBTQ+ people and their families.The round table aims to open a debate on the need for systematic proposals related to gender issues and sexual identities in academic training, focusing on the space|... ->

12 April 2021

Sex as a Political Category to Be Destroyed: On the Lesbian Writing and Thought of Monique Wittig
Zoom and Facebook 

In occasion of the publication of Corpo a corpo con il linguaggio. Il pensiero e l'opera letteraria di Monique Wittig by Eva Feole (Edizioni ETS, 2020), the research center PoliTeSse – Politiche e Teorie della Sessualità (University of Verona) and the research center LEGS – Laboratoire d&|... ->

15 March 2021

Cursed blessings. Sexual Pleasure and Radical Dissent in Western Christianity
March and April 2021
Online via Zoom
A Cycle of Online Seminars
Marie Skłodowska Curie Project SPACES (Dr. Umberto Grassi)
PoliTeSse Research Centre (The University of Verona, Human sciences Dpt.) – History Dpt. (The University of Maryland)
Funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement n. 795514

This cycle of seminars aims to investigate the relationships between sexual transgressions and religious radical dissent in the early modern European world. While the use of scurrilous remarks and erotic innuendos in political satires was commonplace at that time, sex could also serve as a vehicle for philosophical reflections. It was used to lay t|... ->

26 February 2021

The Neocatholic Hypothesis: A Politology of Anti-Gender Movements
Zoom and Facebook 

As part of the cycle of seminars organized by the Standing Group "Gender and Politics" of the Italian Society of Political Science, on Friday, February 26, 2021, the second meeting will present and discuss the book L'ipotesi neocattolica. Politologia dei movimenti anti-gender |... ->

15 February 2021

Online Seminars

The  research center PoliTeSse is pleased to invite you to a series of online meetings to be held in the second semester 2020/2021.

Friday 26 February 2021 - 14.00
Presentation of |... ->

27 January 2021

When post is not after but affect. A Spinozian postcritique
Online via Zoom

Mariano Croce

Postcritique is often portrayed as a rupture with critical methods studying power relations and domination mechanisms, as|... ->

14 January 2021

Including Diversity in Research - 2nd edition
From January to April 2021
Online via Zoom

After the success of the first edition of the series of seminars “Including Diversity in Research”, the PhD Course in Human Sciences at the University of Verona together with the INVITE project and the research centres PoliTeSse and CRED organizes a second edition for the present academic year. Though meant for the PhD students at the U|... ->

17 May 2020

From the International Day against Homo-Lesbo-Bi-Transphobia to the World Refugee Day
Online on the University of Verona Website

The event Diffusioni of the University of Verona welcome two events promoted by the CUG (University of Verona), in partenrship with Political Research Center Hannah Arendt and Reserch Center PoliTeSse - Politcs and Theories of Sexualities, and the Library System of the University of Verona:

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9 May 2020

Making LGBTQI+ books, creating spaces: Antigone, Asterisco, Libre! and other resistances
Online on Facebook

Lia Arrigoni, Mauro Muscio, Laura 'Saura' Fontanella, Marta 'Martu' Palvarini, Marta Cotta
Irene Villa, Elisa Virgili

An online discussion about independent bookstores and LGBTQI+ publishing houses, thel role they have played in history, how they are going through|... ->

8 May 2020

The Fall from Grace: Religious Skepticism and Sexuality in the Early Modern Mediterranean World
Online via Zoom

Umberto Grassi
Discussants: Lucio Biasiori, University of Padua & Philip Soergel, UMD
The seminar is organised by Nathan & Jeanette Miller Centre for Historical Studies (University of Maryland) and PoliTeSse Research Centre (University of Verona) for the Marie Sklodowska Curie projec|... ->

25 February 2020

Book Presentation: Intersex. A Multidisciplinary Anthology
Room SMT11 - Polo Santa Marta
Via Cantarane 2 - Verona

Presentation of the book: Intersex. Antologia Multidisciplinare (Edizioni ETS, Pisa 2019).

With the editor Michela Balocchi (PoliTeSse), and Stefano Osella (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology - Department Law and Anthropology), |... ->

23 January 2020

Possible Ties: Researches and Instruments for Social Services Working with LGB Families
PhD Room (ground floor, Palazzo Zorzi)
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17 - Verona

The lesson will present the research process and main results of Family Lives, a multiple method research in collaboration with UC Berkeley on making kinship in contemporary Italy among same-sex parents and their children. Our aim is to explore the “visibility work” these households develop to assert themselves|... ->

16 January 2020

Futures, Technologies and Bodies from Donna Haraway to Xenofeminism
Room 1.5, first floor Palazzo di Lettere
Via San Francesco, 22 - Verona

La Sobilla
Salita Santo Sepolcro, 6/b (Porta Vescovo) - Verona  

The relation between bodies and new technologies opens up unforeseen political horizons. PoliTeSse presents a seminar to explore how feminist scholars and activists have framed this relation and which are the results of their theoretical and practical engagement.

The first part (15.30 - University of Verona) w|... ->

28 November 2019

Unlikely Families. The Inclusion of LGBT Families in Social Services Between Theories and Practices
Room SMT01
Polo Santa Marta
Via Santa Marta, 6 - Verona

How do LGBT+ families challenge routine professional practice with couples and families? How to build LGBT-inclusive environments for children and adults?

LGBT couples, as well as children living with same-sex parents or transgender parents, present an unexpected and unknown world to many professionals in healthcare, social and educati|... ->

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