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15 April 2019

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. New Challenges for Social Work
Seimnar Room - Palazzo Zorzi (1st floor)
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17

Sexual orientation and gender identity are underexplored dimensions in the field of social work. Therefore, professionals  are still lacking effective tools to foster and protect the rights and well-being of LGBT people. Benedetto Madonia’s book aims at filling this gap in the Italian context: it provides a set |... ->

28 March 2019

The Dawn of Bad Trans. Stories, Glances and Experiences of My Transgender Generation
La Sobilla
Salita Santo Sepolcro, 6

Spanning over a period of approximately forty years and underscoring the profound changes happening throughout it, Porpora Marcasciano traces her own genealogy as a trans person, which proves crucial to draw a history of a culture that is all too often cast on the margins. She does so from her peculiar standpoint as |... ->

27 March 2019

"Gender Ideology", Women's Reproductive Rights and New Families
Room 2.3
Polo Zanotto
Via San Francesco 22

The Research Center PoliTeSse introduces its members' researches on some critical issues of the contemporary political debate, such as the so-called "gender ideology" and the related mobilizations, abortion and women's reproductive and health rights and new form of families, and in particular LGBT families. With |... ->

26 February 2019

Digital Stretch Marks
Robyz Bar
Via San Vitale 16/A

Smagliature Digitali (Digital Stretch Marks) is a book curated by Carlotta Cossutta, Valentina Greco, Arianna Mainardi and Stefania Voli, which has been published in 2018 by Agenzia X, a publishing|... ->

15 February 2019

Port* Apert*
University of Verona and City of Verona - second semester 2018-2019

The PolitTeSse Research Centre presents Port* Apert*, a series of seminars spread over the course of the 2018-2019 academic session that we hope will be enjoyed by both an academic audience and the wider public. Experts, authors and researchers will present and discuss research and publications that examine various aspects of sexuality in ter|... ->

29 January 2019

Gender’s Claim
University of Verona
Seminar Room
Palazzo Zorzi
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17 - Verona 

This seminar originates from the work of the interdisciplinary research centre Politesse. Starting from the studies on the notion of gender carried out by the research centre, we questioned the forms of recognition both within the university and in relation to social movements.

For this purpose, we use a confrontation between three aut|... ->

13 December 2018

The Politics of Juridification: The Actor's Revenge
Liberia Libre! - Interrato dell'Acqua Morta 38, Verona
In collaboration with Pianeta Milk Arcigay Verona

Mariano Croce (University La Sapienza, Roma)
Giulia Selmi (University of Verona)
Massimo Prearo (University of Verona)
What happens when sexual minorities in liberal states have recourse to law rather than their political representatives to have their claims addressed? How does the way they raise claims c|... ->

12 December 2018

Postcritique: The Actor's Revenge
Room 1.6 - Polo Zanotto
via San Francesco 22, Verona
in collaboration with Hannah Arendt Center for Political Thought

Mariano Croce (Sapienza University, Rome)
Natascia Tosel (University of Padova)
Adriano Habed (University of Verona)
The event will centre on a new paradigm in the fields of philosophy and social theory, one that moves away from the typical attitude of the bulk of so-called social critique. While the trad|... ->

11 December 2018

Antagonistic Subjectivations: Frantz Fanon and Postcolonial Critique
Room H - Palazzo di Economia
via dell'Artigliere 19, Verona

Sandro Luce (University of Salerno)
Daniele Bassi (University of Ferrara)
Lorenzo Bernini (University of Verona)
Fanon's reflections concerning identity construction rise awkward questions and reveal a contrast with a universalistic approach. His interdisciplinary method - between |... ->

20 November 2018

Norm or Freedom? Images of Homosexuality in Eighteeen Century's Venice
Polo Zanotto, Room 2.1
via San Franceco 22, Verona

Tommaso Scaramella (University of Verona)
Federico Barbierato (University of Verona)
Defining sexual habits has always involved a wide range of knowledges. In past societies, medicine, religion and justice, as well as popular culture, produced several discourses about what we call today “sexuality&r|... ->

22 October 2018

On Polyamory as an Institution
Room E - Palazzo di Economia
Via dell'Artigliere 19

Anna Lorenzetti (University of Bergamo)
Luca Pes (University of Piemonte Orientale)
Presentation of the book 'Più cuori e una capanna. Il poliamore come istituzione', edited by Elisabetta Grande and Luca Pes (Giappichelli Editore, 2018)
|... ->

1 October 2018

Port* Apert* - Open Doors
University of Verona and City of Verona - Academic year 2018-2019

The PolitTeSse Research Centre presents Porte Aperte (“Open Doors”), a series of seminars spread over the course of the 2018-2019 academic session that we hope will be enjoyed by both an academic audience and the wider public. Experts, authors and researchers will present and discuss research and publications that examine various aspect|... ->

21 September 2018

Asylum Seekers. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
Aula Magna - Palazzo di Giurisprudenza
Via Carlo Montanari, 9 - Verona

The conference will investigate the condition of LGBTI asylum seekers in Italy with the participation of researchers and activists.

Participation formasilolgbti@ateneo.univr.it
|... ->

28 June 2018

Studying Gender and Sexuality in Italian University: Genealogies, Challenges, Perspectives
28 and 29 June 2018
University of Verona, rooms SMT6 and SMT3
Via Cantarane 24, Verona

Studies on gender and sexuality have always been carried out not only inside, but also outside the university. Moreover, today's increasing job insecurity in intellectual carreers makes it difficult to clearly distinguish those who do research within istitutions from those who do independent research. Nevertheless it is undeniable that, even in|... ->

21 June 2018

‘Illegitimate Sexualities’ in Times of Homonormativity and Homonationalism
Sapienza University of Rome
Philosophy Department,
via Carlo Fea 2, Rome
Chair: Valeria Venditti
Francesca Romana Ammaturo
Eyja M. Brynjarsdóttir
Umberto Grassi
Massimo Prearo

Panel at the annual conference of the Association for Social and Political Philosophy
Following the Orlando shooting in June 2016, Donald Trump, who was presidential candidate back then, promised US Americans to protect them against terrorism through the guarantee of weapon ownership and the ban from the US territory of all migra|... ->

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