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Maria Livia Alga

Maria Livia Alga is a PhD candidate in Gender Studies (mention Anthropology) at the Centre d'Etudes féminines et Etudes de genre, Université de Paris8, and Università di Verona. From an anticapitalist perspective, she works on postexotic autoethnography and feminist epistemology in the field of migration studies and the anthropology of social movements. Currently her fieldworks are based in the South and in North-East of Italy. Among her publications: 'O si è felici o si è complici: etnografia di una festa' in Diotima, La festa è qui, Napoli: Liguori 2012. She collaborates with the artistic collective Ideadestroyingmuros. Their last common publication is: mery sut, 'practicas de atravesamiento: (over)flow', in Miriam Solá and Elena Urko (eds.) TRANSFEMINIMOS. Epistemes, fricciones y flujos, Tafalla: Txalaparta 2013.

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