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Daniela Crocetti

Daniela Crocetti holds a PhD from the University of Bologna in Science, Technology and Humanities, where she is currently research fellow in the EDU department. Her research interests radiate from social aspects of gender, the body, hormones and genetics, that on a practical level translate into research on patient and biosocial activist groups as well as the subjective experience of genetically categorized differences, syndromes and diseases. Among her recent publications are L'invisibile intersex. Storie di corpi medicalizzati [Invisible Intersex: Histories of Medicalized Bodies], Pisa, ETS 2013; Arfini AG, Crocetti, 2015 I movimenti Intersex/DSD in Italia: stili di militanza e biomedicalizzazione del binarismo di genere [Intersex/DSD Movements in Italy: militancy styles and the biomedicalization of gender binarism], in Massimo Prearo (ed), Politiche dell'orgoglio.  Sessualità, soggettività e movimenti sociali, Pisa: ETS. She is currently working on an Intersex awareness campaign through CESD (Centro Europeo Studi sulla Discriminazione) with a member of AISIA (Associazione Italiana Sindrome da Insensibilità agli Androgeni), funded by the Intersex Fund.

For other publications and CV see:

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