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Topic: feminism

Section: Projects
The impact of menstruation on female athletes

Section: Seminars and conferences
What Freedom? What Feminism? Women's Thought between Ontology, Ethics and Politics
Women's Political Subjectivity and Democracy in Italy: Past, Present and Future Perspectives
Educating for Diversity at School: Social, Political and Institutional Conflicts in the Cultural and Pedagogic Field
Theories and Politics of Sexuality and the Body
Surrogacy: Altruism, Self-determination or Exploitation?
Theories and Politics of Sexuality and the Body
Desires of the Self: Frantz Fanon and Carla Lonzi
Held to ransom or liberated: female sexuality between Fertility Day and Gynepunk
Thinking about gender in times of neoliberalism and neofundamentalism
Visual Politics: Toward an Anti-Racist Esthetics
Anarcha-feminism and the ontology of the transindividual
"Gender Ideology", Women's Reproductive Rights and New Families
Goliarda Sapienza: Writing as an Art of Freedom
The Unforeseen Emergence. The Mouvement of Lesbians in Italy in the 70s and in the 80s

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