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Section: Seminars and conferences
Intersex/DSD: medicalization and political subjectivation
Islam and Homosexuality
LGBT Movements: Models, Strategies and Ethics of the Research in an Activist Context
Women's Political Subjectivity and Democracy in Italy: Past, Present and Future Perspectives
LGBT Rights: The Expert, the Political and the Movements
A Ghost is Haunting Europe: On the Uses and Abuses of the Concept of Gender
Intersex: International Developments
Pride Politics: Sexuality, Subjectivity and Social movements
Tribadi, Sodomiti, Invertite and Invertiti, Pederasti, Femminelle, Ermafroditi… A History of Homosexuality, Bisexuality and Gender Transgressions in Italy
Theories and Politics of Sexuality and the Body
“Keep Your Hands off the Children”. The (Pseudo)scientific Arguments of No-gender Discourses
Fighting against homo-bi-transphobia within the military and police forces. Tensions, interventions and good practices
Queer theories: An Introduction
Gender’s Claim
The Dawn of Bad Trans. Stories, Glances and Experiences of My Transgender Generation
The Unforeseen Emergence. The Mouvement of Lesbians in Italy in the 70s and in the 80s
The Neocatholic Hypothesis: A Politology of Anti-Gender Movements

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