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Section: Seminars and conferences
QuIR (Queer Italia Rete): Queer(ing) Anglo/Italian Theories and Practices
Lee Edelman, Queer Negativity
Enda McCaffrey, Call to LIfe
A Ghost is Haunting Europe: On the Uses and Abuses of the Concept of Gender
State, Law, Sexuality: Mapping the Legal Recognition Strategies of LGBTQIA People
Pride Politics: Sexuality, Subjectivity and Social movements
Tribadi, Sodomiti, Invertite and Invertiti, Pederasti, Femminelle, Ermafroditi… A History of Homosexuality, Bisexuality and Gender Transgressions in Italy
Too Queer or Not Queer Enough. Surrogate Mothers, Gay Fathers, and Queer Spawn
Lee Edelman, The Theft of Jouissance
Thinking about gender in times of neoliberalism and neofundamentalism
The Concept of "Homonationalism"
Queer theories: An Introduction
Goliarda Sapienza: Writing as an Art of Freedom
Studying Gender and Sexuality in Italian University: Genealogies, Challenges, Perspectives
‘Illegitimate Sexualities’ in Times of Homonormativity and Homonationalism
The Unforeseen Emergence. The Mouvement of Lesbians in Italy in the 70s and in the 80s

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