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Section: Seminars and conferences
LGBT Movements: Models, Strategies and Ethics of the Research in an Activist Context
Hurrah for the Double Academic ID for Trans* Students!
LGBT Rights: The Expert, the Political and the Movements
Pride Politics: Sexuality, Subjectivity and Social movements
Tribadi, Sodomiti, Invertite and Invertiti, Pederasti, Femminelle, Ermafroditi… A History of Homosexuality, Bisexuality and Gender Transgressions in Italy
Being Lesbian, Gay, Bisex, Trans* and Parents: Legal Protection and Prospects of Reform in Italy.
Unexpected Parents: Trans* People Challenging Binarism in Kinship
Alias. Transgender People's Right to Name, Education and Work
Transparent - the experience of transition in the viewpoint of sons
The Dawn of Bad Trans. Stories, Glances and Experiences of My Transgender Generation

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