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15 April 2019

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. New Challenges for Social Work
Seimnar Room - Palazzo Zorzi (1st floor)
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17

Sexual orientation and gender identity are underexplored dimensions in the field of social work. Therefore, professionals  are still lacking effective tools to foster and protect the rights and well-being of LGBT people. Benedetto Madonia’s book aims at filling this gap in the Italian context: it provides a set of theoretical and operational tools to challenge |... ->

28 March 2019

The Dawn of Bad Trans. Stories, Glances and Experiences of My Transgender Generation
La Sobilla
Salita Santo Sepolcro, 6

Spanning over a period of approximately forty years and underscoring the profound changes happening throughout it, Porpora Marcasciano traces her own genealogy as a trans person, which proves crucial to draw a history of a culture that is all too often cast on the margins. She does so from her peculiar standpoint as one of the protagonists of the (still much debated|... ->

27 March 2019

"Gender Ideology", Women's Reproductive Rights and New Families
Room 2.3
Polo Zanotto
Via San Francesco 22

The Research Center PoliTeSse introduces its members' researches on some critical issues of the contemporary political debate, such as the so-called "gender ideology" and the related mobilizations, abortion and women's reproductive and health rights and new form of families, and in particular LGBT families. With |... ->

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