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17 May 2020

From the International Day against Homo-Lesbo-Bi-Transphobia to the World Refugee Day
Online on the University of Verona Website

The event Diffusioni of the University of Verona welcome two events promoted by the CUG (University of Verona), in partenrship with Political Research Center Hannah Arendt and Reserch Center PoliTeSse - Politcs and Theories of Sexualities, and the Library System of the University of Verona:

1. Virtual Expo "Keep banging of the wall|... ->

9 May 2020

Making LGBTQI+ books, creating spaces: Antigone, Asterisco, Libre! and other resistances
Online on Facebook

Lia Arrigoni, Mauro Muscio, Laura 'Saura' Fontanella, Marta 'Martu' Palvarini, Marta Cotta
Irene Villa, Elisa Virgili

An online discussion about independent bookstores and LGBTQI+ publishing houses, thel role they have played in history, how they are going through this Covid-19 emergency and what they mean for al|... ->

8 May 2020

The Fall from Grace: Religious Skepticism and Sexuality in the Early Modern Mediterranean World
Online via Zoom

Umberto Grassi
Discussants: Lucio Biasiori, University of Padua & Philip Soergel, UMD
The seminar is organised by Nathan & Jeanette Miller Centre for Historical Studies (University of Maryland) and PoliTeSse Research Centre (University of Verona) for the Marie Sklodowska Curie project SPACES - Sex, disPlacements And Cross cultural E|... ->

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