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18 May 2019

The Unforeseen Emergence. The Mouvement of Lesbians in Italy in the 70s and in the 80s
Libreria Libre!
Interrato dell'Acqua Morta 38

Lesbians do not exist in history, each one must impose its own existence, overcome the frontier of compulsory heterosexuality, overcome the perception of being the only one in the world to feel an unexpected desire. Overcoming the social and cultural obligation to heterosexuality, in our country as elsewhere, was only possible through the construction of a movement.

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9 May 2019

The Name of the Crisis. Anthropology and Politics
La Sobilla
Salita Santo Sepolcro, 6

Taking into consideration the canonical theses of political thought regarding passions, relationships, activities and their forms, Federica Giardini's book - I nomi della crisi. Antropologia e politica (CEDAM, 2017) - outlines the tensions that, from time to time, have offered answers to the question of the human and aims at reopening |... ->

15 April 2019

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. New Challenges for Social Work
Seimnar Room - Palazzo Zorzi (1st floor)
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17

Sexual orientation and gender identity are underexplored dimensions in the field of social work. Therefore, professionals  are still lacking effective tools to foster and protect the rights and well-being of LGBT people. Benedetto Madonia’s book aims at filling this gap in the Italian context: it provides a set of theoretical and operational tools to challenge |... ->

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