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13 December 2018

The Politics of Juridification: The Actor's Revenge
Liberia Libre! - Interrato dell'Acqua Morta 38, Verona
In collaboration with Pianeta Milk Arcigay Verona

Mariano Croce (University La Sapienza, Roma)
Giulia Selmi (University of Verona)
Massimo Prearo (University of Verona)
What happens when sexual minorities in liberal states have recourse to law rather than their political representatives to have their claims addressed? How does the way they raise claims change? How does this transition in political langu|... ->

12 December 2018

Postcritique: The Actor's Revenge
Room 1.6 - Polo Zanotto
via San Francesco 22, Verona
in collaboration with Hannah Arendt Center for Political Thought

Mariano Croce (Sapienza University, Rome)
Natascia Tosel (University of Padova)
Adriano Habed (University of Verona)
The event will centre on a new paradigm in the fields of philosophy and social theory, one that moves away from the typical attitude of the bulk of so-called social critique. While the traditional critical approach tasks theory with unveil|... ->

11 December 2018

Antagonistic Subjectivations: Frantz Fanon and Postcolonial Critique
Room H - Palazzo di Economia
via dell'Artigliere 19, Verona

Sandro Luce (University of Salerno)
Daniele Bassi (University of Ferrara)
Lorenzo Bernini (University of Verona)
Fanon's reflections concerning identity construction rise awkward questions and reveal a contrast with a universalistic approach. His interdisciplinary method - between phenomenology, Marxism and psychiatry - is extreme|... ->

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