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1 October 2018

Porte Aperte - Open Doors
University of Verona and City of Verona - Academic year 2018-2019

The PolitTeSse Research Centre presents Porte Aperte (“Open Doors”), a series of seminars spread over the course of the 2018-2019 academic session that we hope will be enjoyed by both an academic audience and the wider public. Experts, authors and researchers will present and discuss research and publications that examine various aspects of sexuality in terms of their theoretical (e.g.|... ->

21 September 2018

Asylum Seekers. Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation
Aula Magna - Palazzo di Giurisprudenza
Via Carlo Montanari, 9 - Verona

The conference will investigate the condition of LGBTI asylum seekers in Italy with the participation of researchers and activists.

Participation formasilolgbti@ateneo.univr.it
Aula Magna - P|... ->

28 June 2018

Studying Gender and Sexuality in Italian University: Genealogies, Challenges, Perspectives
28 and 29 June 2018
University of Verona, rooms SMT6 and SMT3
Via Cantarane 24, Verona

Studies on gender and sexuality have always been carried out not only inside, but also outside the university. Moreover, today's increasing job insecurity in intellectual carreers makes it difficult to clearly distinguish those who do research within istitutions from those who do independent research. Nevertheless it is undeniable that, even in Italy, these studies are gaining a certain degree|... ->

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